Team Policy

Program Goals

1. Have those associated with the program practice the ideals of good sportmanship and citizenship.
2. Improve the skill of each wrestler.
3. Fill all weight classes on every level.
4. Improve the academic achievement of all wrestlers.
5. Practice a consistent, disciplined worth ethic.
6. Win the District 12 Championships.
7. Win the Region 3 Championships and qualify all 14 wrestlers for the state meet.
8. Win the Florida 2A State Championships.
9. Be named Florida Academic State Champions.

Team Dynamics

The most important part of any relationship is trust. The coaching staff pledges to treat each wrestler with the same care and concern that we would take with our own family members. In return, we expect that each wrestler and parent trust that the coaching staff has a reason behind what we ask the wrestlers to do. We have competed at the state, national, and collegiate level  and we have coached state champions. We will never assign a task out of retribution or for punishment. If extra workout sessions or specific drills and technique sessions are ordered, it is because these tasks are necessary for the optimal development of the wrestlers. It is not necessary for them to agree with what they are being asked to do.

As a team, we are a family. It takes and entire community to establish a state caliber team. Parent, coaches, teachers, administrators, business owners, youth club parents, and wrestlers all need to work together. Wrestling is a very demanding sport. Simply making it through an entire season is a great accomplishment.


Wrestlers are not eligible to compete if they have less than a 2.0 GPA. Eligibility is determined at the end of each semester. Ineligible wrestlers may continue to practice with the team to improve for the following year. The goal of a individual athlete should be a minimum of a 3.0

Behavior Expectations


Palmetto Ridge wrestlers are expected to maintain high standards in sportsmanship, citizenship and respect for people and property. They are expected to have good manners, a positive attitude and an excellent work ethic. Problems in any of these areas may result in loss of wrestling privileges, suspension, or expulsion for the team.


Palmetto Ridge wrestlers are expected to go to class daily, pay attention, work hard and respect their teachers. They should set good examples for the rest of the student body. A Palmetto Ridge wrestler is expected to be a cut above the average student and should commit themselves to excel in academic as well as athletics.


Every time a Palmetto Ridge wrestler comes to practice, they are expected to work hard, focus on improving their skills and put 100% into every practice. Practice sessions are not optional. Do not schedule work, other activities, or doctor appointments that will conflict with wrestling practice or competitions.


Palmetto Ridge wresters are expected to give 100% every time they run onto the mat. They should be ready both mentally and physically. They are expected to wrestle aggressively within the realms of good sportsmanship, never question the call of an official, and win or lose with dignity.

Weight Loss

At Palmetto Ridge we don’t believe in excessive weight loss . At the same time, it is in the wrestler’s best interest to be as lean as possible to avoid injury and have the best chance for success on the mat. The National Federation of High Schools has strict weight loss guidelines that we adhere to. All wrestlers will be given a hydration test and a body fat test to ensure that they are not losing too much weight. The optimal body fat percentage that we are looking for is 7%, which is set by the NFHS. Parents need to trust the coaching staff. We have all been successful wrestlers and know the correct way to lose weight while maintaining weight loss. Be assured that we always have the best interest of the wrestler in mind when determining weight classes.

Healthy Guidelines

1. Get 7-9 hours a sleep a night.
2. Eat smart. Stay away from processed foods with little nutritional value. Eat lean meats and vegetables, some fruit, little starch, no sugar.
3. Drink plenty of liquid.
4. Shower immediately following practice to minimize the risk of skin infection such as: ring worm and staph.
5. Report any possible skin infection to the coaching staff immediately.
6. Follow proper guidelines in the treatment of injures as prescribed by the athletic trainer on campus.

Practice Rules

It is the wrestler’s responsibility to know the practice time and schedule, to attend daily, and be on time. If you have a legitimate reason for being absent or late you must notify one of the coaches in advance. All practices are “closed” to the public including parents, siblings, and friends.

1. All practice sessions will begin at the posted time. Do not be late
2. All wrestlers will wear appropriate wrestling clothes to practice.
3. No jewelry or electronic devices are allowed during practice
4. Excessive horseplay or talking will not be tolerated
5. Captains may call additional practices sessions at their discretion
6. Weigh-ins are MANDATORY after each practice

Equipment information

Wrestlers assume full responsibility for all equipment checked out to them. Please take care of what you are giving. Competition uniforms will be checked out to you. Uniform must be washed after every used. Lost or damaged equipment must be paid in full by the wrestler.

Team Designation

Determining the weekly starting line-up is based on the following criteria:

1. Particle attendance, work ethic, attitude, and citizenship
2. Injuries
3. Strength of schedule
4. Ranking matches (wrestle-offs)

Ranking matches (wrestle-offs) will typically take place on Tuesdays and matches are six minutes in length. Wrestlers may have more than two matches in a day, possibly in more than one weight class. Wrestlers requesting a ranking match must make it known to the coaching staff by the beginning of practice. The wrestler may challenge the starting varsity wrestler three times that season. The wrestler that win 2-out-of-3 mathes secures that weight class the remainder of the season. The losing wrestler could challenge at a different weight class, in which, the same rules apply. Ranking matches are a privilege, not a right. The coaching staff reserves the right to set line-ups at their sole discretion.

Varsity Lettering and PR Wrestling Awards

Wrestlers may earn a varsity letter by scoring at least 10 varsity wins. Forfeits will also count as wins.

  • J.V Certificate of Participation
  • Varsity Letter
  • 40 or more Wins Award
  • 50 or more Wins Award
  • Freshman/Sophomore/Junior/Senior of The Year Award
  • Heart of a BEAR Award
  • Most Improved Wrestler Award
  • Chase Life Award
  • Coaches Award
  • Outstanding Wrestler Award
  • MVP Wrestler Award

Tournament & Dual Guidelines

1. Show up at Palmetto Ridge on weight and on time.
2. Have all equipment for the entire day, including uniform, headgear, food, drink, etc.
3. Be prepared for weigh-ins; hair and nails cut, clean shaven, skin check clearance, jewelry off, etc.
4. Warm-up and sit together as a team.
5. Be prepared when your weight is ready to wrestle.
6. Cheer for your teammates before and after a match.
7. After your match, talk briefly with the coaches regarding your performance.
8. Stay in uniform unless you have received permission form the coaching staff to dress.
9. Pick up trash around the team area at the conclusion of the event.

Thanksgiving and Winter Break

Thanksgiving break is November 24th-28th. Winter break is December 22nd-January 3rd. During this time, we will continue to have mandatory practices and competitions. Please do not schedule family events that will conflict with practice times and competitions. Missing a varsity match without permission will result in the loss of a roster spot regardless of the circumstance.  There will be no practice on Sunday’s, or Christmas. Day.

Parent Volunteers

During the season, we will need parent volunteers to help with event travel, fundraising, and practice. Parents are highly encouraged to take an active interest in their child’s participation on the wrestling team. The wrestlers are working very hard to be successful and deserve all the support they can get.

Home Events

We will be hosting various weekend tournaments at Palmetto Ridge. These events are important fundraisers for our program that will require volunteers. Working these event will count towards each wrestler’s fundraising credit. Please talk to the coaching staff about how you can help make these events successful.


We will have several fundraising projects and events during the year to raise money for our team. Most of these projects will be administrated by our wrestling club. A large percentage of the money necessary to run the wrestling program is collected through our fundraising effort. This money goes to wrestling equipment, hotels, meals, and travel costs. All wrestlers will be responsible for fund raising a designated amount of money each year to defray the costs of the wrestling program. This money will go in a PRHS wrestling account. Each time a wrestler or parent makes a donation or participates in a fundraising event, the wrestler will be given credit towards his yearly fundraising goal. If you have any fundraising ideas that you think would benefit the team or if you can help organize or work one of these events, please talk to the coaching staff.


Transporation will be provided to out of town events by bus or van. On occasion, parents may be asked to help with transportation to local events if districts vehicles are not available. Wrestlers may return home with parents from any away contest with the permission of the coaching staff.


Some of the events we participate in will require the wrestler to be a member of USA Wrestling or the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). Part of the team fundraising goals is to provide funds for purchasing membership for  each wrestler to participate in these organizations. This covers the athletes year round for both practices and competitions. This is highly recommended for every wrestler on the high school team.